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The core technology

Core Technology

  • Vehicle refinement identification

    Its picturesque scene information vehicle refinement identification system,Effective image intelligent analysis and laser detection of 3 d modeling technology

  • The pedestrian attribute recognition

    Its picturesque scene information attributes of pedestrian recognition technology is in the pedestrian detection and pedestrian child widgets

  • Video processing and analyzing technology

    Its picturesque scene will take the lead in deep learning technology application in the field of intelligent video analysis

  • Video enrichment and retrieval

    Its independent research and development of video scene enrichment technology and video retrieval technology

Products and services

Products & Service

Heterogeneous distributed video analysis platform
The depth of the distributed learning platform support custom extensions of deep learning model and algorithm,Support a large number of gmCPU,GPUOrCPU,GPUMixed distributed heterogeneous collaborative operations,Using the base
InInfinibandThe networkHDFSThe distributed file system。
Intelligent transportation data analysis platform
Intelligent transportation large data analysis platform to realize the management of traffic data collection,Analysis of data in real time and afterwards,Provide real-time traffic information to public transport,Traffic surveillance for highway department
Tube and planning and technical support。
Based on the virtual monitoring system of deep learning
It is using general security surveillance cameras,By adding the intelligent analysis function in the background,To achieve the effect of bayonet identification plate、At the same time provide vehicles or virtual monitoring system of the human body identification。
Virtual monitoring system is easy to deploy、The characteristics of simple maintenance and comprehensive。

The solution




A new opportunity,Intelligent transportation will be what kind of picture?

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